About Us

Help a Guernsey Child was established on 12 January 2001 to raise funds for deserving children in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Our emphasis is on ensuring that our local children have the necessities of 21st century life (safety equipment, a bed, clothes, toiletries, school/study books etc.). It's not always about the big things and we certainly don't do flashy but if we can help then please just send in an application form.  There is no shame in asking for help when you need it - at the end of the day the children shouldn't suffer because of our pride.  No application is too small.

Most of our cases are referred by a professional and usually are relatively small in the scheme of things.  It can be difficult to provide examples of help we have given to individuals without breaking confidentiality.  Also, we do not tell the children we help - that is up to the Parents/Carers if they wish to do so.  'Mum's the Word' all round at Help a Guernsey Child.

All applications are kept confidential and your information is not passed on to anyone without your permission.  Our Privacy Policy Statement, with thanks to Martin Jones of Ferbrache & Farrell, has been updated to comply with current GDPR requirements.  See the link at the bottom of the page for further information.

Below are a few examples of how Help a Guernsey Child has helped organisations in the past.

Lihou Island

In 2006, the Lihou Charitable Trust was formed.  The house (and island) is oriented towards youth and school groups and provides a unique opportunity for numerous young people from the Bailiwick and beyond at a rate effectively subsidised by the adult groups that can also benefit from this fantastic facility. 

Help a Guernsey Child is a founder supported of Lihou, with a grant of £25,000 helping kick-start this great project from day one.  We have contributed a further £26,000 over the subsequent six years to help Richard Curtis and his team of volunteers become more self-sufficient.  Many schools, youth groups and charities have benefitted from Lihou over the last six years and will continue to do so, thanks in part to the support that we have been able to give.

Guernsey Scouting

Anyone who has been to the Rue Mainguy Scout Headquarters can't help but see the purpose built, multi-lined indoor climbing wall.  In regular use by many of the the 800-strong membership of the Scouts in Guernsey, Help a Guernsey Child was delighted to have provided this magnificent facility back in 2002; the first large-scale project that we ever embarked upon.

Scouting remains one of the most enduringly popular youth movements in the Bailiwick and Help a Guernsey Child is proud to have been a key investor in the movement, with almost £50,000 in grants provided in the last ten years.

Guernsey GOSH Appeal

In January 2004, an appeal was launched to fund a Guernsey Floor at Great Ormond Street Hospital's patients hostel.  Around 25 children from Guernsey are treated at Great Ormond Street every year, and although the hospital is the envy of the world, the accommodation for families was in desperate need of upgrading.

With a target of half a million pounds, the appeal was launched by a donation of £20,000 from Help a Guernsey Child.  'To have given that at the start of the appeal is wonderful' said Dr Jane Collins, the hospital's Chief Executive.  'Help a Guernsey Child was set up to help children of all kinds and we felt that GOSH has helped so many children over the years', said our Chairman.  Less than 20 months later and the target was reached; we were proud to have supported such a worthy cause and especially to have kick-started the initiative.

Wigwam Support Group

Wigwam is a support group for children with special needs and their families.  Meeting regularly, Wigwam provides an essential support network by parents, for parents.  One highlight for the group is the off-island trip that they enjoy every couple of years when the children go to Jersey for a weekend with their parents and carers.

Unfortunately, not all members can afford this which is where Help a Guernsey Child has stepped in.  Our grants totalling £4,000 have, over time, helped the group achieve their ambitions and helped provide really memorable experience for so many deserving people.

You Can Do It Foundation

The Foundation aims to provide resources for children and adults with disabilities to experience outward-bound activities and therefore achieve their potential.

From adventure breaks in the UK to skiing trips in France to, the You Can Do It Foundation supports a number of children to take part in activities that many might think they could never hope to do. Help a Guernsey Child has supported this great initiative over many years, with overall donations of £13,000 since 2002.

School Equipment

Opened in 2005, Le Rondin School and Centre is the special needs school for primary age children in Guernsey.  Although all essential buildings and equipment was provided by the States of Guernsey, there remained a number of 'nice to have' facilities that the school was unable to provide for. 
Help a Guernsey Child stepped in and, with a grant of £10,000, was able to provide the school with a much needed Music Room, providing children just the right equipment to help them with their sensory development.

Separately, Amherst Primary School benefits from a special facility for many children on the Autistic Spectrum as well as those with special learning needs.  These children take part in the core curriculum at the school, with the added benefit of having a special Language and Communications Base within the grounds of the school to support them.

Such a facility is essential for the island and Help a Guernsey Child was delighted to have provided £13,000 of funding towards the refurbishment of the centre as well as towards other projects for the school since 2007.

St Peter Port Centre for Young People

Founded in 2008, this organisation purchased an empty property (the former Caves de Bordeaux pub) with the ambition of creating a youth centre in the heart of town.  Supported by initial funding of £25,000 from Help a Guernsey Child, the development has taken some time to develop but is due to open by the end of 2012. 

Meet our Directors & Officers

The Directors meet regularly to discuss applications for funding and all other matters.

Clare Carre (Chairman)

Jurat Stephen Jones (Treasurer)

Rachel Copeland 

John Hibbs

Susan Norman

Sir Richard Collas